Dining Experience

Heritage Park recently launched Cafe Heritage, a fine dining program. Cafe Heritage offers fine dining ambience complete with musical entertainment and live piano performances. Residents are served fresh-made and mouthwatering starters of soup and salad followed by a choice from a selection of beautifully plated main courses.

“My mom enjoys the dining program and she will truly miss it when she goes home,” a family member noted.

“I love that we can choose what we want to eat in this facility,” said a resident.

The Cafe Heritage program not only improves the dining experience, it also helps boost daily dietary intake and morale. It provides opportunities to socialize, while allowing patients to work on their activities of daily living independence goals.

While many healthcare institutions hire outside catering companies, Heritage Park is proud to produce 100% of its meals independently and internally. Whether you’re enjoying our “Chef’s Special of the Day” or an item off of our “Select Menu,” our meals are freshly made and leftovers are never served.

We bake our own breads, biscuits, rolls, and muffins. Our desserts are always prepared from scratch, and our meals are prime cuts roasted in our oven. Fresh soups are always prepared and slow cooked on our stove top.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are always offered to our residents. We do not serve vegetables or fruits from a can.

Our menus offer RDA or Recommended Daily Allowance of fruits and vegetables every day. Residents can request additional servings if they desire.

At Heritage Park residents have the option of tailoring their menus according to personal preference. We feature in-room, outdoor, therapeutic, and social dining experiences for our patients.