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How Tech Can Help The Elderly

Senior citizens aren't exactly known for their technological prowess, but today throughout the United States, many seniors are currently benefiting from the latest advances in mobile technology. That's because caregivers are increasingly relying on mobile apps, websites, and other "age tech" to make it easier to provide high-quality care. What [...]

The Shortage of Caregivers To Assist The Elderly

There is a growing problem concerning caregivers for the elderly: there isn’t enough of them. The growing number of aging Americans combined with changes in family structures and a lack of training among care professionals is leading to a national crisis. To curb this trend, significant changes in how [...]

The Shocking Link Between Depression & Dementia

Dementia is a group of conditions that impairs the brain, affecting over47.5 million sufferers worldwideand3 million US cases per year. Americans fear dementia like few other diseases. With sudden memory loss, language changes, memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning all seemingly effects of the disease, dementia impossible to [...]

8 Helpful Downsizing Tips For Moving Into A Senior Home

You've made the decision to move into a senior living home. You and your family have discussed the details together and you have the perfect skilled nursing facility picked out. Now that the hard part is over (phew!), it's time to focus on the first phase of the transition: [...]