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The Three Types of Alzheimer’s Disease

Almost everyone has heard about Alzheimer’s disease, and some have experienced it up close and personal for the devastating disease that it is.  Vast amounts of literature reveal the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s and even the genetic and lifestyle causes that experts believe can bring on the debilitating [...]

Cultural Awareness In Public Health Education

Researchers have recently become very interested in the effects of culture on the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s and dementia in America. They believe the exploration of cultural influences is critical, as culture affects understanding of dementia, how services are utilized, and the psycho-social experiences of the families of [...]

Strokes – Rehabilitation and Recovery

Approximately 700,000 strokes occur in America each year. Strokes are the leading cause of disability in adults in America and the number three cause of death. A stroke is a traumatic and life-changing event, but with proper, timely diagnosis and treatment, the lasting effects of a stroke can be [...]

Groups for Active Seniors in San Jose

With age comes wisdom, so you probably know how important it is for seniors to stay active and stimulated long after retirement. If you live in or near San Jose, it's easier than ever to make the most of your later years. The following social groups are just a [...]

The Differences Between Inpatient Rehab and Skilled Nursing

Nursing homes serve all kinds of healthcare purposes, including rehabilitation. Often people need to have short-term stays in nursing facilities after hospitalizations or for rehabilitative purposes, especially after a stroke or other injury. If you or a loved one needs nursing home care for rehabilitation, you most likely will be [...]

Groups for Active Seniors in San Diego

San Diego is a great place to grow old without feeling old. You can't reverse time, but you can prevent health problems and increase your morale by stimulating your mind and exercising your body as often as possible. There are so many local opportunities to participate in social groups, [...]

How To Recover From a Stroke

Strokes are the fifth most common cause of death in the United States, and at least two-thirds of all strokes happen to patients who are 65 or older. As with any other injury or medical condition, aging does make rehabilitation and recovery more difficult. Your first stroke also increases [...]

When to Consider a Skilled Nursing Facility

Loss of independence is a common fear among aging adults, and it's an emotional topic for the people who love them too. However, it's important to pay close attention to behavior patterns and health conditions that change as your loved ones get older. Some physical and mental deterioration is [...]

Groups for Active Seniors in San Francisco

In San Francisco, you don't have to be young to lead a fit, fun, and social lifestyle. In fact, it's especially important to stay active as you age, and your emotions need just as much as attention as your mind and body. Luckily for you, the Bay Area is [...]

Alzheimer’s in California

Alzheimer’s disease is becoming more and more common in California and nationwide as the population ages. In fact, about 12% of our population is now age 65 or above with about 5.5% age 75 or above. This is expected to grow to about 14.5% and 6% respectively as more [...]